Rob Gronkowski And Aaron Hernandez Are Tom Brady’s New Wes Welkers

Rob Gronkowski And Aaron Hernandez Are Tom Brady's New Wes Welkers

National Football League has a flexible schedule for the last seven weeks from the regular season. The game between the New England Patriots vs. New York Jets have played face to face is more or less as a team of two rivals. New York is 2-2 against teams in 0500 and struggled to beat some of the cupcakes on their schedule that need last-minute heroic side Broncos, Lions and Browns. For New England, they can improve their status as a legitimate contender with a win over the Jets after the game against Pittsburgh, Indianapolis and Baltimore.

Coby Fleener: The 2012 NFL draft was not a strong one for the tight end position. However, Coby Fleener has the size and speed to make plays down the seam and be a red zone presence. His blocking is suspect, but he becomes the new Dallas Clark for Indianapolis. What makes this selection even better is that Fleener already has chemistry with Luck from playing together at Stanford. Every quarterback needs a security blanket and Fleener can be this for Andrew Luck.

San Diego (5-5): Here they come. If Philip Rivers breaks Dan Marino’s records, it probably will have more to do with the current pass-happy NFL than the superiority of Rivers over Marino. Look, A.J. Smith plays hardball with his players, which — theory — leads to early season resentment and early season losses. But as long as the special teams stop messing up, the Chargers should blow by the Chiefs in the AFC West, because even if they lost in Indianapolis this week (and they usually beat the Colts), they should win their other four games. Once they get to the playoffs, they’re on their own.

Brady was stellar in the game, completing 21 of 27 passes for 252 yards, three touchdowns and a quarterback rating of 142.6. In addition to the victory, Brady’s scores moved him up to 19th on the all-time passing touchdown list, surpassing the great Steve Young.

So Brady finds Wes Welker here, rookie tight ends Aaron Hernandez and there, and hands to BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Danny Woodhead — yet somehow manages to put up 29 points a game. Bill Belichick’s smoke and mirrors do the rest — the out-of-favor James Sanders came up with the interception of Peyton Manning that saved the annual “game of November” with the Colts last week. The Pats play the Jets in Foxborough a week from Sunday, in a game that probably decides the AFC East. If the Patriots win it…

To make room for Edds, the Patriots said good-bye to their 2009 second-round draft pick, Darius Butler. The former UConn Huskies standout cornerback showed potential during his rookie campaign, starting five games and intercepting three passes- one for a touchdown. His second season was not so good. He lost his starting job early on and appeared to have lost his confidence permanently. He was never the same player. The drop-off from his rookie season was frustrating. In 2010, it looked to me that Butler would be a fixture at cornerback for the Patriots for years to come. In 2011, he turned into Jimmy Hitchcock, Chris Canty, Jonathan Wilhite, and Terrance Wheatley- all highly-drafted defensive backs by New England over the years who just never panned out.

In the second half, the Bills made the adjustment on Gronkowski. The 6-foot-6, second year tight end was running roughshod on the Buffalo defense in the first half, looking like a man among boys. Gronkowski had five receptions for yards and TDs in the first half but was held to cheerleader websites only two catches in the second half.

Mr. Smith apparently sees the current labor dispute as a civil rights issue. And he’s willing to “risk everything” to prove a point to those who value wisdom and reason over passion. I’m still betting that behind closed doors, he isn’t nearly as stupid as he sounds in public. But I could be wrong.

While Brady clearly had control of the game, one thing that is out of his reach is the much talked-about topic of his hair. After constant questions from the press and comparisons to teeny bopper Justin Bieber, Brady explained that his long locks are controlled by wife Gisele Bundchen.