Greta Thunberg to the US Congress: “you are not doing enough. Sorry”

Greta Thunberg to the US Congress: 'you are not doing enough. Sorry' The prize is awarded

Greta Thunberg to the U.S. Congress “is not doing enough for her. Sorry”

With clear words, has turned climate activist Greta Thunberg to the US top politicians: This should save your praise, but please – and instead to the warnings of the scientists hear.

Greta Thunberg In Washington: “We don’t want to be heard. We want the science to be heard”

Reporting on climate change is one of the great journalistic challenge of our time. Also, for the MIRROR the climate crisis is one of the most important issues of Mankind. We therefore support this week, an international Initiative that wants to focus on: “Covering Climate Now” was initiated by the “Columbia Journalism Review” and the canadian newspaper “The Nation”, more than 200 media company in the world to take part in it, including the “Guardian”, “El País”, “La Repubblica”, “The Times of India” , “Bloomberg” or “Vanity Fair”. The MIRROR is dedicated to the climate crisis this week, the cover story of the current issue and every day special attention to

Greta Thunberg has crossed the Atlantic by sailboat, in front of the White house demonstrated, and a prize from Amnesty International received. Now, the young Swede is fighters, together with other Climate in the U.S. Senate have been invited. In the Meeting with the climate Committee of the house remained, according to a report in the “Guardian” polite in tone – was in their formulations, however, it is clear.

After some of the members of the worldwide success of the “Fridays for Future”-swarming movement, said Thunberg, therefore: “Please keep your praise to yourself. We don’t want it.” It would not make sense for young people to invite, and to tell you how inspiring you are. Instead, they had, with a view to the climate crisis another tip for the professional politicians of Europe.

Greta Thunberg to the US Congress: 'you are not doing enough. Sorry' instead to the warnings

“If you want my advice: Invite scientists and ask for their views. We don’t want to be heard. We want the science to be heard,” says Thunberg.

In a remark that should be explicitly addressed not only to the Senate but to the entire U.S. Congress, said the 16-Year-old continued: “I know that you tried it. But you are not doing enough. Sorry.”

Demo in front of the White house – and then the global climate strike.

Thunberg himself had been awarded the previous day as a proxy for “Fridays for Future” by Amnesty International. With the so-called Ambassador of Conscience Award (for”Ambassador of conscience” award), honors, Amnesty artists and other personalities who, for the defence of human rights. The prize is awarded since 2003 .

In the Video: Important price for the activist, from Sweden.

Thunberg has carried their Protest into all the world and arrived in front of a little more than two weeks in the United States. Your trip you took as environmentally friendly as media capable by ocean-going yacht .

Last Friday she called in front of the White house with several Hundred children and young people climate protection. A Meeting with the US President Donald Trump, not proving, not necessarily as a climate fighter, had ruled out the Swede in the run-up. On Friday you want to participate in New York at the global climate strike the motion “Fridays for Future” .

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