How To Recognize A Fake Id

The St. Patrick’s Day celebration in Savannah, Georgia is the city’s largest annual celebration and attracts over 400,000 people from around the world annually. The parade through the city boasts itself as the second largest St. Patrick’s Day event in the United States outside of the parades and celebrations in Boston.

Lord knows I did my share of drinking while in college. The stories I could tell about fake ID’s, sneaking into bars and drinking way too much! I just happen to be one of the fortunate ones who never got arrested or better yet, hurt. Looking back, only a few years ago, I have to ask myself was it worth it? I say now that it wasn’t.

All it takes is for them to get their hands on one piece of vital information. They can often use various resources to get the rest of it. Creating a check is very possible as well and then they can open up new accounts with your information. This all takes place very fast and it can leave your head spinning.

First of all, you’ll need a recent book of all state IDs. Now it’s time to study a person’s body language. Look out for signs of nervousness, like darting eyes or fidgeting. This may mean that their ID is a fake. If a person looks young to you, make sure to double-check their ID.

People who have moved and have not yet updated their address have photo ID, but they are no longer qualified to vote at their old address. Theoretically, they could vote in two different places. At the same time. No one checks.

Also, why don’t the Mexicans fight for their country to change. They come from poverty there, they sneak across the border, buy fake ID’s and SSN, work at jobs supposedly not done by us, take welfare, and then want us to give them citizenship. They have become self righteous. Yet the criminal actions taken to get here were so bold. Where was that fighting spirit in Mexico?

But change may still be afoot. Young voters are turning out in droves and they may sway the overall election to Obama. I pray that the next president is a Democrat who will end the war and ensure creation of a health insurance plan that guarantees insurance coverage to all.